Statements about the Euro and Champions League cancellation

Today at noon the IWBF Europe has cancelled all Euro- and Champions League events taking place on the weekend of March 12-15 due to the danger of Coronavirus. We asked the players how they see the situation.

Jannik Blair (Bidaideak Bilbao BSR)

„Learning of the cancellation of the upcoming rounds of Champions and Euro League Is obviously disappointing for everyone involved. From the teams that have spent weeks preparing for games to the organising officials that have spent an abundance of time planning the events. The situation regarding travel within Europe is obviously a difficult one at the moment and reading the IWBF’s press release their decision is completely understandable. Hopefully we will still have the opportunity to contest for the Champions League title in a few months time in one format or another.“


Matt Scott (Thuringia Bulls)

„I respect the powers at be, and know that the decision was made at the best interest of the athletes and officials involved. Our team will be prepared for whatever alternative is agreed upon. I’m happy that the health and safety of the athletes is at the forefront of decisions being made. Our focus is now to stay ready for the new plan.“



Rose Hollermann (BSR ACE Gran Canaria)

„As an athlete I always want to compete and it greatly saddens me that this competition is being delayed. However, I am proud to be apart of an organization that takes their athlete’s health so seriously. I hope that this issue can be resolved and the competition can still be held at a later date. Until then I hope all members of this sport and organization remain healthy and safe.”


Terry Bywater (CD Ilunion Madrid)

“The decision to cancel all Euro and Champions League competitions is very frustrating for all of the athletes preparing to compete. But the news today from IWBF is a statement that they are taking care of all players and staff and it’s a decision we all have to respect. Safety first.”


Gaz Choudhry  (bsr amiab Albacete)

„It’s very disappointing for us as athletes to have the Champions League quarter final cancelled at such a late stage but it’s completely understandable given the unpredictable nature of the situation in regards to the Coronavirus. I think it’s a brave decision from the IWBF to make a firm decision and prioritise the health of all the athletes volunteers, officials and fans. I hope that this won’t affect the rest of the season going forward and as it relates to the Champions League some version of the finals competition whether that be the “old” format of top 8 all together can be played at a later date.“


“Statement collector”: Dylan Cummings | Photo: Steffie Wunderl

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