The Asia Oceania representative of the IWBF Athlete Steering Committee, Australia’s Ella Sabljak has given the following statement to Rollt. encouraging international players to contact the committee and fill out the relevant surveys so that the committee can engage with the feedback of the community.

“The IWBF Athlete Steering Committee are urging all international wheelchair basketball players to use their voice to help shape the way our future Athlete Commission will look like.

We have provided a short survey for athletes to complete (provided in English, Spanish and Arabic). The survey will help us navigate our way around conducting a global conference call with players, listening to suggestions, points of view as well as allowing us (the athlete steering committee) to get a great picture of what the international wheelchair basketball community would like.

I think we forget how powerful our voices can be when we come together to create positive change. This is just the beginning of what can be an extremely influential and special athlete representation.

The IWBF Athlete Steering Committee can be contacted at:

Survey links

English :



More information will be sent out to those interested at a later date with a confirmation of:

– Date of conference
– Link to gain access to conference
– Agenda of conference

We really appreciate all of the efforts everyone is doing to create and shape the future of our sport.”

Note: The IWBF Athlete Steering Committee is neither endorsed nor unendorsed by the editorial team at Rollt. We remain neutral as a magazine. However, we thank Ella for giving us a statement.

Photo: Steffie Wunderl

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