Canadian international, Vincent Dallaire will begin studying at the University of Texas at Arlington next season and thus join the Movin’ Mavs wheelchair basketball programme. Dallaire has been playing the sport since 2002, representing his country at two U23 World Championships and making his senior debut in front of a home crowd at the 2015 Parapan American Games. He hopes to take his game to the next level in Texas and spoke with Rollt.’s Dylan Cummings about his upcoming move to Arlington.


Why did you choose to study at UTA?

“I chose to study at UTA because they have a great reputation within the NWBA intercollegiate league, and I’ve only heard good things about their programme.”


How will the move to UTA help benefit your game prior to Tokyo?

“Moving to Texas right before Tokyo is going to help me because I get to practice against highly skilled players and get access to a gym every day!”


How do you intend to fit into the team?

“I’m a team player and I’m willing to do everything to help the team win in any situation.”


What new challenges do you think you will face with the team?

“Obviously, a challenge will be to learn how everybody plays. There’s going to be an adjustment period but I’m sure it won’t last very long as we all have a common goal; we want to win a National Championship this year.”


How do you think the styles of play will differ between UTA and your previous club teams?

“One thing that will differ from other teams I’ve played on is the pace at which UTA plays at. I know they like to press, and I think I fit well into that pressing line-up.”


In your opinion, what do you think the Canadian men need to do to get back on top of the game?

“It might sound cliché, but I think the entire programme is going to have to fill David Eng’s void. He was a huge part of our team and a leader, but we have some younger guys ready to fill that gap. Also, getting to spend time together next summer will be huge for us as a team.”


How much do you think American (Texas) culture will differ from Canadian culture?

“As for the culture difference, I think it’ll be interesting to see if all the Texas stereotypes are true.”


What will you miss and not miss the most about Canada when you are in America?

“I’m definitely going to miss my family the most. I have lived away from home before, but this will be the furthest away I will be but I for sure won’t miss the snow.”


How would you describe your style of play?

“I would describe my style of play as being offensive, I like to be creative on court.”


Has anyone specifically influenced you to play the way you do and gave you good advice?

“Since I started playing, my dad has always influenced me and given me good advice. He reminds me to make sure that every time I play that I always have fun. This advice has stuck with me throughout my life.”


If you could do a training session with three other players from anywhere in the world male or female, who you’ve never trained with before, to improve your skills, which players would you choose and why?

“Steve Serio from the USA because I think he’s such a complete player. Terry Bywater from GB, not calling him old, but he’s been around for a long time and I feel I could learn a lot from him. Gregg Warburton from GB, he’s pretty close to my classification and he seems to always have fun playing the game and I love to see that.”


Thanks for your time Vincent!


Rollt. would like to thank Vincent Dallaire for the interview.


Vincent Dallaire Profile:

Date of Birth: 07/03/1995 (aged 25)

Hometown: Quebec City, Quebec

Started playing: 2002

Canada senior debut: 2015 Parapan American Games – Toronto, Canada

Classification: 1.5

Disability: Dyasthematomielya (Back Malformation Before Birth)

Future Club: University of Texas at Arlington Movin’ Mavs, USA (starting 2020)

Former Clubs:

_Quebec Bulldogs, CAN (2002-14)

_Laval Gladiators, CAN (2014-20)

Career Highlights:

_2013 U23 World Championships – Adana, Turkey – 6th (CAN)

_2015 Parapan American Games – Toronto, Canada – Silver (CAN)

_2017 U23 World Championships – Toronto, Canada – 6th (CAN)

_2017 Americas Cup – Cali, Colombia – Silver (CAN)

_2018 World Championships – Hamburg, Germany – 12th (CAN)

_2019 Parapan American Games – Lima, Peru – Silver (CAN)


Interview: Dylan Cummings | Photo: Steffie Wunderl

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