Matt Scott leaves RBBL for home. This is a big loss for the RBBL and a weakening of the Bulls squad.

Of course, every person or team member is replaceable. But Scott was and is a driving force. A man with charisma, a certain aura and a likeable down-to-earthness. The U.S. native is a role model for many young players. When I get into a conversation with youngsters and ask them about the stars or athletes they would like to play alongside, one name usually comes up: Matt Scott. Scott is an intoxicating, attractive and fixed star of the scene – without any apparent airs and graces. Close, human, but also direct and honest when he is focused. Scott’s departure, like Mikey Paye’s farewell, tears a gap. Now, as so often in life, there may be people who see things differently; after all, the level of the league is levelling off a bit, and there are other great players besides Scott. That’s right. But let’s be honest: Which player – besides him – and a handful of other players has managed to embody the sport in such a way in recent years – and thus give the whole scene a face and a huge push? I can hardly think of any of them spontaneously.

Every sport needs draft horses. People and athletes that catch your eye, that polarize here and there and love what they do. Such a magnet was and is Matt Scott. This gap can and should be filled by others – if only because of the ongoing and tiresome IPC-IWBF discussion. Go ahead. Have the courage to do it. Just go ahead. Because: The Paralympic winner of the year 2016 has understood how to market himself like no other. My father always says: Nothing comes from nothing! It is and should be granted to him. After all, envy is something you have to earn. Where Scott is, wheelchair basketball is and was. The former Bulls player has used every opportunity to promote the sport and its power. With him, the RBBL loses a real eye-catcher and a real role model for the next generation. A pity. But, to use a phrase one last time: Where one door closes, another opens!

Text: Martin Schenk | Photo: Steffie Wunderl

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