#RolltisZadonkingyou | Chinese international Chen Xuejing about the upcoming wolrd championships in Hamburg

Chen Xuejing: „Scarlet five-star flag, just like every Chinese blood, full of enthusiasm. It is my great honour to be the athlete representative of this competition. Whenever I get on the basketball court and start the race, I enjoy the time with the best team in the world and concentrate in the game. Recalling the past, thanks basketball, it makes everything possible. I was fortunate enough to have visited Germany in the previous year, the courtesy of the Germans, neat and clean environment, left a deep impression on me. 2018 World Championships will be held in Germany, my heart suddenly filled with more expectations. There is an ancient Chinese poem I like very much: To be poor for a thousand miles, a higher level. Hope that in this world championships we can break through self, stand at a new height to learn more things.”

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