3 Questions to Cindy Ouellet: “I am honoured to represent my country in two Paralympic sports.”

Cindy, you made your Paralympic debut in 2008 already. Referring to an interview you have been giving to Radio Canada, you want to participate in two more Paralympic games. What is giving you the strength to hold up at such a high level of competitive sports for more than ten years already and some more years to come?

I am honoured to represent my country in two Paralympic sports. Only a few athletes have that chance, I also truly love what I do. I like training hard, have new challenges and learning new skills every day. I will hopefully participate in Tokyo 2020 and in another winter Paralympic in para Nordic skiing 2022.

The last World Championship hast been 2014 in Toronto, Canada and your team finished with the gold medal. What are your personal and your team goals for the World Championships in Hamburg, Germany? How is the team preparing for the goals?

We have a really talented team, very diverse in our skills set which make us a strong group. World championship is always a great and tough competition, all the teams there will be strong, and we will give everything we got. We are centralized, training as a team from May 1st until end of August.

One final question: you are also competing in other sports than wheelchair basketball. You already mentioned one of them. What other sports are this and on what kind of level are you doing other sports?

I am currently competing in para Nordic skiing, was on the team for Pyeongchang 2018. I am also competing in adaptive CrossFit competition internationally when I have time between school and my other trainings.

Cindy, thank you for your time and good luck for the upcoming World Championships

Interview: Annika Aul | Foto: Team Germany

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