#RolltisZadonkingyou | Sonia Ruiz (Captain of the Spanish national team)

Sonia Ruiz (Captain of the Spanish national team): “After 24 years without participating in intercontinental tournaments, it is a pride and privilege to be able to attend the Word Championship in Hamburg. We have worked hard to return to a tournament of these magnitudes and we continue working because we believe in the level and talent of this team to keep us among the best countries in the world. For us it is not a gift, it is an opportunity to arrive and stay!

We have a very young but a very daring selection and that can be part of our success.

Personally, for me it is very emotional as my career as a member of the Spanish women’s team started in Hamburg at the European Championship in 2003. The perseverance at work has taken me to where everything started. Sounds good, doesn’t it?”

Photo: Mercedes Sagarra

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