Rollt. Quick-Fire | Part two | Özgür Gürbulak & Alexander Budde

With the European Championships right around the corner Joe Bestwick took the opportunity to shoot a few Quick-Fire questions at some of the guys who’ll be battling it out in Poland.

Part 2 // Özgür Gürbulak (Turkey) & Alexander Budde (Germany)


Who will be your toughest opponent at the Euros and why?

Özgür: “Great Britain – because they are so fast and tough.”

Alexander:  “GB, because they are a strong, young team with a different style of play compared the other teams at the EC.”


Name one coach/player/opponent who has shaped your career the most

Alexander:  “Martin Kluck. Because he was the reason to move to Hannover, his style of coaching and playing has shaped my game, and I keep learning new stuff from him all the time.”

Özgür: “My best friend who is also a player: Ali Asker Turan.”


If you could be another player for a day who would it be and why?

Özgür: “I’m happy with myself.”

Alexander: “Dirk Passiwan, with his shooting ability and style of play would be fun for one day.”


Outside of your team’s goals, what are your personal goals for the European Championships?

Alexander:  “This is my rookie year so it’s mainly about supporting the guys on the one hand, while also being confident in my abilities and doing the best job I can with my opportunities when I get them.”

Özgür: “I reached my personal goal when we became European champions in Tenerife, as well as with my club teams.


Who is your most annoying teammate and why?

Özgür: “No one.”

Alexander:  “Jan Sadler isn’t really annoying but he’s always the guy who’s cracking jokes and keeping a good humour around the team.”


Who’s going to win gold and who will be MVP?

Alexander: “GB is probably in the best form right now so they should be favourites, especially after last year in Hamburg. And Gregg Warburton is still giving the most “wow” moments, even just in the last test games, so he has a good chance to become MVP. But Passiwan being back is also giving us loads of “wow” moments so he is another potential candidate.“

Özgür: “No one knows yet.”


Text & Interview: Joe Bestwick | Photos: Steffie Wunderl

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