Interview with Dylan Fischbach: “I won’t be intimidated by anything”

On Friday, RSB Thuringia Bulls announced its newest signing for the 2019/20 season, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater graduate, Dylan Fischbach. Rollt. Magazin’s English-speaking Content Producer, Dylan Cummings, spoke with Fischbach in an exclusive interview.


Why did you choose to move to RSB Thuringia Bulls next season?

“I chose the Bulls because of the professional image they have created. I’ve talked a lot with Jake Williams, he has praised the way the organisation goes about its business. I will also be able to compete against the best in the world, day in and day out.”


What have Jake Williams and Matt Scott told you about the Bulls?

“Matt and Jake have said nothing but positive things about this place. I’ve talked a lot with both of them since the end of the US season and I think we’re all just excited to finally get to work together.”


Have you heard much about the head coach, Michael Engel?

“The things I have heard about coach Engel are the things that I love. Playing at a high pace and always playing hard are things he wants his guys to do and I can’t wait to do exactly that.”


Do you watch many Bulls games on the live streams?

“I’ve watched a few games this season and again I love their style of play. I love the freedom of which the guys have when they play. I think it fits my style perfectly.”


What would you say your strengths are and also the things you can improve on next season?

“I think my strengths are my ability to shoot and pass the basketball. I think playing alongside guys like Jake, I will be able to take defensive pressure off of them simply because they can’t leave the off side. I think I certainly need to improve my body/strength in the future to stay competitive at a high level.”


Do you feel at all intimidated about training with the Bulls, especially against Alexander Halouski and Vahid Azad?

“I won’t be intimidated by anything. I think throughout my career so far, I’ve shown that I won’t back down from a challenge. Those guys are unbelievable, I can’t wait to play alongside them every day. They can teach me the ins and outs of the game and I’m honored to learn from great guys like them.”


What are your goals for next season?

“My goals would be to run the table. When I talk with people about the team, they always talk about how much talent we have, so there’s no reason we can’t do just that. I want to win everything we possibly can and become the best person I can be.”


Do you have aspirations to get into the US national team?

“When it comes to the US team, I’m just honored to be with them to this day. I of course want to break into the top 12 like everyone. That being said, I understand that it’s deeper than that. At this point, I’m just prepared to do everything I can to help that team and assure that we bring back gold at the Para Pan Am Games.”


Rollt Magazin would like to thank Dylan Fischbach for this interview.


Dylan Fischbach Profile

DOB: 27/03/1995 (aged 24)

Hometown: Vermillion, South Dakota

Started playing: 2005

Classification: 4.0

Disability: Single-leg amputee

Future club: RSB Thuringia Bulls, Germany (starting September 2019)

Former clubs:

_Nebraska Red Dawgs, USA

_University of Winconsin-Whitewater Warhawks, USA

Career Highlights:

_Being a Warhawk and being coached by Jeremy Lade.


Interview: Dylna Cummings | Photo: private

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