Cassandras Plaudercouch | Interview with Asael Shabo

RSB Thuringa Bulls fan Cassandra Rüger aka “The Selfie-Queen” invited BG Basket Hamburg’s Asael Shabo for a short chat on her “Plaudercouch”


You are from Israel. What are you missing most from your home country? Can you please explain why?

I miss my family the most. I’m very close with my family.


Are there traditions or festivals / bank holidays in Germany, which you also have in Israel? If yes, which ones and how do you celebrate them? If no, which festivals / bank holidays do you have in Israel? How do you celebrate them?

We have different bank holidays in Israel, but I celebrated all my holidays with my team mates.


Wherein do you think is Germany different to Israel? How would you explain the differences?

Germany is different with the weather, but people are nice in both countries! Israel is much warmer.


What are you doing, when you are not playing basketball?

In Israel I’m a teacher and a coach but here I play basketball and having fun.


What is your biggest wish? Can you explain it?

My biggest wish is just to be happy with my family. I lost half of my family in a terrorist attack so most important for me is to be happy with my family.


Do you know already, what you want to do, when you are eventually not playing basketball anymore?

I want to work in business when I’ll finish with basketball. I will do my master exam in the next few years.


What is your favourite music to listen to?

I listen a lot to Black music and hip-hop.


How is it for you to drive the big team bus with the whole team? Isn’t it too exhausting before a game?

I like driving in general, so the bus is not a problem for me.


In which age is it allowed to play for a major league in Israel?

You can play when you are 12 in the major league in Israel, but you usually go there when you are ready enough – physically and mentally.


Your past team was playing at the Champions League preliminary in Elxleben and they always shouted Hagana instead of defence. What language is it and what is the exact meaning of it?

Hagana means “Defence” in Hebrew. We use it also in the national team.


Questions & Selfie: Cassandra Rüger | Translation: Annika Aul

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