Ahead of the big clash tomorrow, players from RSB Thuringia Bulls and RSV Lahn-Dill spoke to Dylan Cummings prior to the unmissable game.

Michael Auprince (RSV Lahn-Dill): “Whenever you play another good team, it’s a great chance to learn what we need to do to do moving forward. With the Bulls, we know how good they have been over the past few years and even though their roster has changed, they are still one of the most talented teams in Europe. Lahn-Dill have the pieces to beat them, but no matter the outcome of this game, we know that we are building towards a postseason run and this is just another step towards the ultimate goal of a championship. This game should be a must- watch game for any fan of wheelchair basketball.”


André Bienek (RSB Thuringia Bulls): “We are in an very unusual situation. The preperation was difficult for both teams. With all the things surrounding corona it was difficult to focus on basketball. But what I have seen so far of Lahn-Dill, they did a good job integrating Sagar and Serio into their style of play, with little amount of games. We had a couple more games but had the same task to integrate Ian Pierson, Helen Freeman and Marie Kier into our game. We are happy with the way we play right now and with the development everyone went through. Saturday will be a difficult game for both teams. I hope that all fans behind the screens are excited for it.“


Helen Freeman (RSB Thuringia Bulls): “Bulls versus Lahn-Dill is one of the sports’ most infamous rivalries and it will be awesome to be a part of it. Both teams are stacked with world-class players so its going to be a hard fought battle but these are the games athletes live for. It should be a great game for the fans online!”


Ian Sagar (RSV Lahn-Dill): “I came to Germany to be part of a great and hystoric club like Lahn-Dill but you can only be great if you have great oppenents like Thuringia. All players want to play against the best teams and players and they don’t get better than the current German and European Champions. We have had a slightly distrupted start to the season because of Corona but we are well prepaired and can’t wait to play what is the biggest game of the season. Lahn-Dill is full of world-class players so I’m very hopeful that we can get a result, one things for sure, I will be giving everything I’ve got to help the team win this weekend!”


Interviews: Dylan Cummings | Photo: Steffie Wunderl

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