#RolltisZadonkingyou | Carina de Rooij & Robin Poggenwisch

Carina de Rooij (Women National Team Netherlands): „I’m looking forward to participate in the World Championships again. It is the biggest event in wheelchair basketball and is THE place where we want to show the results of all our training sessions. After Rio the team has been transforming and we have been building our team with new and younger players. Halfway on our route to Tokyo I can honestly say I am enjoying to see the way our new players are developing. It is still a big honour for me every time I am able to play in the orange jersey and to represent my country. Our goal: playing every game as planned according our tactics and make the best of every battle.“

Robin Poggenwisch (Mens National Team Netherlands): „Ever since I started playing wheelchair basketball as a fourteen-year-old kid I dreamed about playing for the national team one day. For me that dream came true. Wearing the national team jersey is always been an honour for me. Hearing the national anthem still give me goose bumps every time. In the build-up to the world championship 2018 in Hamburg I think that we are building towards a good mix between young talents and some more experienced players. The competition will be fierce, and we will be ready for the challenge!”

Fragen: Annika Aul | Foto: Steffie Wunderl

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