#RolltisZadonkingyou: British internationals Helen Freeman & George Bates about the upcoming world championships in Hamburg

Helen Freeman (Co-Captain GB Women’s Team): “It’s important for me to represent Great Britain because it’s a nation that has given me so much. As a team we’re on a journey to be as successful as possible in Hamburg and it makes me really proud to know the work that’s going in towards that. To be able to play in Germany at the World Championships will also be really special for me personally as I played my first major tournament there in 2007 for the Wetzlar European Championships.”

George Bates (Sheffield Steelers, GB Senior Team): „For me there is no higher achievement in sport than to represent your country. Hearing the national anthem before you’re about to play symbolises all the hard work you have put in – it is an incredible privilege having Great Britain written across your chest.

Very few people get to represent their country so every time I put on the GB vest it means so much to me. We’re still a few months out from the World Championships but being part of the process leading up to it strengthens my drive to not only be part of the team, but to be part of a successful team.”

Text: Annika Aul | Photocredit: SA Images

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