#RolltisZadonkingyou | 3 questions to Jake Williams: “The goal is definitely to win“

US wheelchair basketball player Jake Williams was taking a little break from his time in the gym to answer us three questions around the topic of the World Championship.

Jake, for the World Championship in August you will be back on the court in Hamburg. It’s a familiar court for you as you played for the BG Baskets before. How is it for you to come back to Hamburg?

It is ok. It’s like any other gym, we go to when we’re playing. I loved the city of Hamburg, but during the tournament we don’t get a lot of free time and we don’t see much else than gyms and the hotel. It will be nice to be in Hamburg, but it is just the same everywhere we go.

It will be your first participation at a World Championship. How do you feel about it?

Yes, it will be the first. I am excited to start playing. It’s interesting how the tournament will be. There will be a lot of teams and I can’t wait to start.

How are you preparing for the Worlds? What are your goals and the team goals for the tournament?

I am working out a lot, eating good and eating much vegetables. The goal is definitely to win. If we don’t win, I think it is a failure. Second or third place are medal places, but it is not our goal to just get a medal at the tournament. When you are used to a team that will be glad to win a medal at all, it might be a high goal, but it is not what we are working for. We want to win it!

Thank you for your time, Jake, and good luck for the World Championships!

Interview: Annika Aul | Foto: Steffie Wunderl

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