You want to take your wheelchair basketball skills and personal development to the next level? You know that you only grow as an athlete through hard and effective training? You want to surround yourself with like-minded and positive people who have the same mindset as you? You want to develop your skills in an environment that has a unique “class trip” feeling? Yes? Then welcome to Rollt.Camp.

The destination of the camp

Especially the older ones of us know that we primarily internalise experiences and processes when positive emotions are linked to them. Who of us does not still remember school trips during our school and youth time – with a smile on our face and with pleasure? Even several years later we can still remember many details. Moments we like to look back on. It is exactly this unique and formative feeling that we want to create with a lot of passion and a pulsating pulse in the Rollt.Camps. Unique moments are created that stay in the minds of the participants forever. Starting with the training content, beautiful encounters with like-minded people and wheelchair basketball stars and ending with overnight stays in shared rooms.

The Rollt.Camp

Rollt. has set itself the task of strengthening wheelchair basketball in all its facets, giving the sport an authentic platform and giving all those involved an honest and even more powerful voice.

Successful athletes, real role models and true tacklers form a fundamental part of this. People and athletes who roll the extra meter, who are the first to stand in the hall, who are the last to turn off the lights, and who have a lot of fun and enjoyment from sport. For us, these are above all young athletes, prospects and future draft horses who give wheelchair basketball a face and are keen to develop their skills. We want to support, accompany and strengthen these performance-oriented young athletes in their human and sporting training. To ensure this, we have created and designed the Rollt.Camp, which arouses emotions, is anchored in the memory of the participants and provides the athletes with real added value on and off the court.





    Rollt.Camp Sponsors and Partners:


    We want to have fun together with the attending trainers and coaches and bring our own, positive Rollt. philosophy into the hall.

    We primarily internalise experiences and processes when positive emotions are linked to them. How many of us still remember – with a smile on our face and with pleasure – school trips? Even several years later, we can remember many details. Moments that we look back on with pleasure. It is precisely this unique and formative feeling that we want to create in the Rollt.Camps with a lot of passion. Unique moments are created that stay in the participants’ minds forever.

    No. We focus on the personal, sporting and human development of the individual and the strengthening of the sport.

    Participation in the camps have a different value and depends on the camp format. We deliberately do not speak of costs in this context, but of an (added) value or investment. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether they are investing in their personal progress as an athlete and as a person, or whether they recognise the added value for themselves.

    The Rollt.&WBO Camp includes:

    • Overnight stays in shared/hotel rooms or an unforgettable day incl. “class trip feeling” as well as fun exchanges with like-minded people.
    • Full board
    • A camp shirt
    • Extraordinary wheelchair basketball training sessions
    • Action photos of you for free use for your (grand)parents, friends & social channels
    • A wheelchair and equipment training session
    • The latest issue of Rollt.
    • For camps lasting several days or holiday camps, you can also expect
    • Video analysis with the coaches
    • A video 3-question interview with the Rollt. team incl. feedback and video for your social channels
    • Exciting question-and-answer dinner with a Bundesliga player
    • And this is for your information: we will accompany the entire camp exclusively via the Rollt.-Insta-Stories.

    You will be coached and accompanied by top national and international coaches, such as U25 women’s national coach Dennis Nohl, Paralympic champion Gesche Schünemann, Bavarian state coach Sebastian Gilsch and the physiotherapist of the U25 women’s national team Mathis Garvels. Camps in Spain are coordinated by CD Ilunion coach Miguel Vaquero.

    The entire days are packed with cool activities (see point: my personal added value) such as wheelchair basketball training, interviews, video analysis. You will receive an exact schedule with the final certificate of participation. This email will also tell you what equipment and gear you need to bring with you.

    The day, weekend and holiday camps take place at different times and locations. You can find out where and when the events start on the registration form.

    In order to achieve the greatest possible knowledge transfer and training success, the number of participants is limited to 14 athletes for weekend/3-day camps, 8 athletes for day camps and 25 athletes for holiday camps! First come, first served.

    No. Parents are welcome to play taxi, stay in a hotel or go shopping. However, during training the athletes are on their own.

    In this case, our camp terms and conditions will apply, which you should not only read carefully, but also accept by registering for the camp.

    People between the ages of 14 and 22. After personal consultation with the coaches, slightly younger wheelchair basketball players can also participate.

    First of all, your heart has to jump and pulse at the thought of participating. Your head and your mindset must be ready to want to develop and train hard. The two points mentioned are basic requirements for participation. To be quite honest, we thought long and hard about whether there were criteria that would ensure a balanced level or underline our tenor of “performance-orientation”. In the end, we settled on the following key points:

    • You should have been playing wheelchair basketball for at least one year.
    • You participate in the training of your home club at least twice a week and invest your free time in the development of your individual skills, e.g. through additional shooting, endurance and athletic training units.
    • You regularly play in the senior/regional league or national league team of your home country.

    In order to answer your or your parents’ questions as quickly as possible, we ask you to send us a short e-mail, which we will forward to the correct contact person. He or she will get back to you as soon as possible and will be available to answer any questions you may have.

    With your registration and signature (of your parents), you agree that we may take photos and films of you for analysis and advertising purposes and use them free of charge in all media. It goes without saying that we treat photos and recordings sensitively.

    After we have received your binding registration, you will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt of your registration by e-mail. If you do not receive the confirmation email within two hours of sending it, please contact us.

    Important: The confirmation of receipt is not the same as a subsequent certificate of participation.

    After we have received your binding registration and have checked whether you meet all the participation requirements, we will send you a confirmation of participation, the exact schedule and our invoice by e-mail. Only when the camp investment amount has been transferred by you or your parents and received by us, are you definitely at the start. The only restriction: If not enough participants have registered by four weeks before the start of the camp, the camp will not take place.