• Vanessa Erskine introduces Team USA for the World Championship in Hamburg

    Introducing the 2018 USA Women’s wheelchair basketball team | With the average team age of 21, many of these players are seeing a wheelchair basketball “big stage” for the first time. Rose Hollermann and Abigail Dunkin are the veterans of this team, both at the age of 22. Rose was at the 2012 London and 2016 Paralympic Games and Dunkin made her USA debut at the 2014 World Championships and was also at the 2016 Rio Paralympics. The age range of this rather “unknown” roster starts with the youngest, Ixhelt Gonzalez, who is just 14 years old and tops off with captains Morgan Wood, 24 years old, and Shelby Gruss, 26 years old. Continue Reading

  • Hannover: Erskine und Bestwick bleiben bei Hannover United – Top-Transfer Haller kommt

    Erskine und Bestwick verlängern bei United / Transfer von Jan Haller fix / Dewberry zurück nach Australien | Die US-Amerikanerin Vanessa Erskine und der Brite Joe Bestwick bleiben Hannover United auch in der nächsten Saison erhalten. Am vergangenen Mittwoch unterschrieben sie ihre Verträge für die nächste Saison. Auch Neuzugang Jan Haller, der vom Pokalsieger und Rekordmeister RSV Lahn-Dill nach Hannover wechselt, unterschrieb seinen Vertrag bei den Füchsen. Continue Reading

  • What was the role of a low pointer in years past as compared to now, Vanessa Erskine?

    „The role of a low pointer has definitely changed since 15+ years ago. I have only been playing basketball for 6 years but even in these 6 years, you can really see the evolution of the role. More and more low pointers are becoming scoring threats on offense as well as still being able to pick and seal. I think a lot of this has been because of the development of the equipment. A basketball chair with the proper straps and dump and set up can allow a low pointer to be quick and have balance. In the past, without anti-tip wheels, less camber, little to no straps, etc. Low pointers weren’t able to really move quiet as well. Also, defensively, low pointers are able to defend higher classification players which really helps the defense be able to have an advantage.  Continue Reading