• What was the role of a low pointer in years past as compared to now, Vanessa Erskine?

    „The role of a low pointer has definitely changed since 15+ years ago. I have only been playing basketball for 6 years but even in these 6 years, you can really see the evolution of the role. More and more low pointers are becoming scoring threats on offense as well as still being able to pick and seal. I think a lot of this has been because of the development of the equipment. A basketball chair with the proper straps and dump and set up can allow a low pointer to be quick and have balance. In the past, without anti-tip wheels, less camber, little to no straps, etc. Low pointers weren’t able to really move quiet as well. Also, defensively, low pointers are able to defend higher classification players which really helps the defense be able to have an advantage.  Continue Reading

  • #RolltisZadonkingyou | Carina de Rooij & Robin Poggenwisch

    Carina de Rooij (Women National Team Netherlands): „I’m looking forward to participate in the World Championships again. It is the biggest event in wheelchair basketball and is THE place where we want to show the results of all our training sessions. After Rio the team has been transforming and we have been building our team with new and younger players. Halfway on our route to Tokyo I can honestly say I am enjoying to see the way our new players are developing. It is still a big honour for me every time I am able to play in the orange jersey and to represent my country. Our goal: playing every game as planned according our tactics and make the best of every battle.“

    Robin Poggenwisch (Mens National Team Netherlands): „Ever since I started playing wheelchair basketball as a fourteen-year-old kid I dreamed about playing for the national team one day. For me that dream came true. Wearing the national team jersey is always been an honour for me. Hearing the national anthem still give me goose bumps every time. In the build-up to the world championship 2018 in Hamburg I think that we are building towards a good mix between young talents and some more experienced players. The competition will be fierce, and we will be ready for the challenge!”

    Fragen: Annika Aul | Foto: Steffie Wunderl

  • Interview with Terry Bywater: „The World Championships will be great in Germany.“

    The British national player Terry Bywater is a legend and an institution. The family man played five Paralympic games, four World and nine European Championships for Great Britain. In our interview Terry talked about the upcoming Champions League final in Hamburg, the Spanish league  and his biggest sport moments.

    Continue Reading

  • 3 Questions to Gregg Warburton: „Our goal as always is gold.“

    Gregg Warburton is one of the young top talents of the GB national squad and made it to his first Paralympics at the age of only 19 years. We are sure, that we will see a lot more of his outstanding performance in the near future. Make sure to watch this great athlete at the world championships in Hamburg in August. Besides travelling the world for wheelchair basketball camps and playing GB premier division with the Oldham Owls, Gregg took the time to answer a few questions about his career and the upcoming event in Hamburg. Continue Reading

  • #RolltisZadonkingyou: South Korean international Dong Gil Yang about the upcoming world championships in Hamburg

    Dong Gil Yang: „It has been my dream to be a representative player for wheelchair basketball since I started this sport. Korea achieved 6th place in 2014 Incheon World Championships, which was a great result despite Korea doesn’t have many players and teams. It was more than just a figure of number to us and was a very meaningful moment. I was watching from the spectator’s seat wishing to be part of the team. I now have my chance and I would do my best with my team members to show what we have been practicing. I am already very excited an anxious to compete with the best players and best teams worldwide in Germany. I hope everyone enjoy and be satisfied with all their performances.”

    Foto: privat

  • Interview with Phil Robinson | Wheelchair Basketball Performance Officer (Northern Ireland)

    Phil Robinson (Wheelchair Basketball Performance Officer | Northern Ireland) is talking about disability sports and wheelchair basketball in Northern Ireland, the Irish League and the national and international objectives. Continue Reading

  • #RolltisZadonkingyou: British internationals Helen Freeman & George Bates about the upcoming world championships in Hamburg

    Helen Freeman (Co-Captain GB Women’s Team): “It’s important for me to represent Great Britain because it’s a nation that has given me so much. As a team we’re on a journey to be as successful as possible in Hamburg and it makes me really proud to know the work that’s going in towards that. To be able to play in Germany at the World Championships will also be really special for me personally as I played my first major tournament there in 2007 for the Wetzlar European Championships.”

    George Bates (Sheffield Steelers, GB Senior Team): „For me there is no higher achievement in sport than to represent your country. Hearing the national anthem before you’re about to play symbolises all the hard work you have put in – it is an incredible privilege having Great Britain written across your chest.

    Very few people get to represent their country so every time I put on the GB vest it means so much to me. We’re still a few months out from the World Championships but being part of the process leading up to it strengthens my drive to not only be part of the team, but to be part of a successful team.”

    Text: Annika Aul | Photocredit: SA Images

  • Interview with Gaz Choudhry: “I think we have a strong squad this year and a big opportunity in front of us.”

    Former BG Baskets Hamburg player and British international Gaz Choudhry talks about the differences between the German and the Spanish league, the upcoming Champions League clash in Cantu with his new club BSR Amiab Albacete and his English buddies and teammates Lee Manning, Dan Highcock & Kyle Marsh. Continue Reading

  • Cassandras Plaudercouch | Interview with Asael Shabo

    RSB Thuringa Bulls fan Cassandra Rüger aka „The Selfie-Queen“ invited BG Basket Hamburg’s Asael Shabo for a short chat on her „Plaudercouch“ Continue Reading

  • #RolltisZadonkingyou | Chinese international Chen Xuejing about the upcoming wolrd championships in Hamburg

    Chen Xuejing: „Scarlet five-star flag, just like every Chinese blood, full of enthusiasm. It is my great honour to be the athlete representative of this competition. Whenever I get on the basketball court and start the race, I enjoy the time with the best team in the world and concentrate in the game. Recalling the past, thanks basketball, it makes everything possible. I was fortunate enough to have visited Germany in the previous year, the courtesy of the Germans, neat and clean environment, left a deep impression on me. 2018 World Championships will be held in Germany, my heart suddenly filled with more expectations. There is an ancient Chinese poem I like very much: To be poor for a thousand miles, a higher level. Hope that in this world championships we can break through self, stand at a new height to learn more things.”